sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2008

Today's works

We got some work done today on our packs. It seems that we are finally getting somewhere with these...

Nixu managed to find the time to work on his pack today. His days are filled with family and work, with few opportunities for hobbies. Last friday we borrowed Nixu's sister's car and got the plywood for the boyz motherboards.

After they were cut, we proceeded to mark each component on it, so that they could be screwed with ease.

And after markings were done, the individual parts were screwed on. This helps us to move them away from the common areas on my apartment for storage.

Here is Nixu with his pack, quite proud of his work, I would wager..

Here is the happy family, from left to right; My pack, Veka's pack, and Nixu's pack. Looking like proton packs, are they not?

Nixu's pack a little closer..

With Veka's alongside.

My own pack is further than the boyz, but that is because I can work on mine pretty much anytime, as we are working on my home.. Still, my pack has been at this state for some time now. The only additions I made today were the two cylinders protruding just above the Spacer..

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