lauantai 22. marraskuuta 2008

Cyclotron work..

Here is Veka working on his Cyclotron. He is laying fiberglass on the plaster mold that I made from my own teflon pan. This is SMELLY work, and the fumes are toxic. DO use proper breathing gear, and ventilation. Veka's Cyclotron needs filler, sanding and work before it is done.

After Veka did the fiberglassing, we left the Cylcotron curying, and went to sauna. Afterwards, we pulled the fiberglass out from the mold, so that it would not stick in there permanently. After all, Nixu still needs to pull his own Cyclotron from the mold.

The mold was partially damaged during the pulling, I guess that the soap we used as a release agent was not the best one. My previous pullings were not this hard to pull out.

I frosted the Veka's Cyclotron, so that he can sand it the next weekend. I still think that this needs more filler, but that is for tomorrow.

I also filled the mold, which will then need some sanding. After this the mold is unnecessary, and it does not matter if it gets broken during pulling.

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