maanantai 11. elokuuta 2008

Oh my God! I made Kenny!

Well, whenI bought my webcam, I immediately saw was what it would be as I took it out from the box. I cannot, for life, recall which webcam it is, maybe someone could help me here? The original stand was intended for the older type monitors, not for the flat screen types that are the norm now. That meant that the original stand would not hold atop my computer monitor, so something was needed to be done.

I cut the body from some scrap MDF board, which was then laminated together, this picture is from where I've already done some sanding with dremel, and the feet are glued to the body.

Here is the 'head' ie the webcam itself. I test painted it to see how it related to it's unfortunate counterpart. The similarities are astonishing.

Here my Kenny has met with mister Hankey.. The wood filler I had at hand when I started smoothing the seams was brown, hence the color.. I am testing the head with the body together for a millionth time in this photo..

I screwed part of the original stand inside of the new body, to allow the head to be attached like it normally is, and to allow some movement for the head. The white gooey thing in there is PVA glue, if you wondered..

Here is a mugshot of my new Kenny. This was taken before the mister hankey part, but I thought it shows how alike this webcam is to Kenny McCormic..

And finally, here is the finished product, all in it's orange gory.. I still need to make a stand for it so it will stand still, but otherwise this is done. A quite a while ago, I must admit, four months ago... I guess I should update this blog more often, don't you think..

My Log bed

Hmm, several weeks without blogs. I guess I'm not a blogger type. There has been some drastic instances on this summer, which have put my priorities in question. Still, I got some work done, finished my bed, which has been in the thought-part for few years.

I decided, after several versions, to follow the traditional Finnish log housing techniques, and bought several feet of 4x4" and 5x5" logs, which I cut, smoothed and stained to dark oak finish. I must say that I admire the work done by carpenters more after doing this... Hard job, I can tell you, ESPECIALLY if you are using wrong type of tools, as I did, on purpose... Here are the lower frame, without the end pieces.

The end pieces are fitted in place, and they fit as they should. I had some difficulty in putting this together, as I did not mark the pieces when I dis assembled it in my work place. After I got the pieces to home, I had to figure out which part was supposed to go where. That should not be difficult, even when I did make every hole in identical spots, but as I did cut and drill everything by freehand, each cut and hole was quite unique...

Still, in the end, the results are quite self-explanatory. As the saying goes, I can now sleep like a log. Curiously, that saying has an exact translation to Finnish saying 'nukkua kuin tukki' I can only wonder that lumberjacks everywhere think alike.. And snore alike...