keskiviikko 13. tammikuuta 2010

Uniform works..

I finally received our custom name tags as well as the no-ghost logo patches from Katarra8. They were spot on, thank you for the great work Kathy!

We all decided to get custom name tags, as none of us looked like the original guys, and we would be kind of new generation of Ghostbusters...

Three sets, for three busters... After checking the setup from, I set out to sew them on. We already had got our flight suits, so there was no delay anymore, and I decided to put up the work immediately.

I noticed that the velcro patches on the flight suits were in the correct place, simplifying the process greatly.

Even so, I checked that the name tags fitted.. Mine does overlap the left breast pocket zipper, as did Zeddemore on the moves..

I then drew two lines on the outer lines of the velcro to mark the place for the nametag.

It helps to locate the place after you have ripped out the velcro.. The velcroes might come in handy for the hose connector, I think..

Without much time and effort, all three nametags were in place. I used a sewing machine for this, if you wonder..

I then set out to sew the No-Ghost logo on the arms. This is a bit trickier than on the square nametags. Fortunately, I had the correct shade of red to sew all three on. After sewing the red parts on, I sewed the black lines on the fingers and the head of the ghost. A VERY tedious job...

But, after some time, all three flightsuits have both patches in place... Just waiting for the elbow pads and leg hose...

lauantai 9. tammikuuta 2010

One HEEAVY GB update..

Oh well... There are some pictures of my recent, and not so recent work to update here... I pulled my digi camera photo file open, and found that there were several photos that I have not loaded here, so here goes...

My RGB trap, which includes 13 meters of electrical cord, as well as four grounded electrical sockets. This trap really has served me well, in GB construction as well as other stuff..

For my GB 1 and GB 2 traps, I intended to use pop rivets as front hinges on the trap doors.

I squeezed the rivets just so that they grip the cassette body, but not enough to snap the rivette, leaving a pin for the doors. I clipped it a bit shortened from the original lenght after this..

My GB2 trap needed some plaster, as the traps are somewhat different in the movies.

The trap doors fit in nicely, as you can see..

I then sprayed the traps with black coat.

I then added the 15th plate on the packs. This little detail is seldom seen on anyone's pack, but the folks in the GBFans have noticed that there are, indeed, fifteen plates on the pack, one is only hidden under the ribbon cable..

The injector tubes needed some bracing, so they will hold on. Luckily I managed to find some broom handles that were of the correct diameter to fit in, so a little length of these, and I was on the way..

I then took twelve bits of hardboard, and screwed them in to a block of wood, and attached them to my lathe, and before long, I had three sets of Stephan' scale discs..

I then glued the injector tubes on to a piece of hard board, with the broom handle bits inside..

And then glued them in place in..

My trap and pedal, I cannot recall why I took this picture... It really would be wiser to start building one item, and after finishing that, another.. I took out the other way..

This, is my drill bit... A kind of phallic symbol if you ask me... It is a 32mm drill, which lenght is about 50cm... Yes, it IS as big one...

While the 32mm is a bit too large for the cyclotron lights, it serves with our packs without problems..

As you can see, the discs are quite nicely done..

I then laid the discs to see if there were any imperfections, but there were very little, so I was content on these.

And therefore I tested them on the cyclotron. Nice fit..

Even nicer with the bumper on..

I then traced the outer lines of the discs, as well as the inner diameter. I noticed that a standard 40mm GW base would fit within the disc's outer diameter, and therefore I used one to mark the holes..

And with my trusty dremel, I cut the holes on each pack.

My pack with the holes cut, and the discs in place.

All of our packs, with the discs glued to place..

I then filled the screw holes on the discs, and sanded them.

Afterwards I painted mine,


And Veka's pacs..

And the result speaks for itself..

I needed very limited touch up after this, the discs seemed to fit superbly..

So, I went on to work with the ion knobs.. Even though there are accurate knobs laser cut from aluminum, they were beyond our price range, so the washer method was the course to go by.. I might upgrade my own pack with accurate one someday, but this will do for now..

I managed to find several near perfect washers..

Which I piled together to see how they looked..

I then glued them together, looks nice..

As you can see, the knobs are accurate to stephan's plans, only that there is one layer absent.. This does not bother me...

As you can see on the bumper, it looks good..

And none worse when on top of the pack..

I then replaced the gearbox tubing on our packs, I noticed that while the previous tube had the perfect outer diameter, it did not have the desired inner diameter. After I found the proper tube, I decided to replace all of them.

I then glued these together on the boyz pacs..

The paint bottles were there to keep the pieced in place while the glue dried. The injector tubed would've tipped the balance..

I then filled some imperfections on Veka's pack.

As well as Nixu's..

Then I went to work on my trap pedal.. I managed to find accurate parts for it, on the shelves here in Finland, And as they would be load bearing, i went overboard with attachments..

I then screwed the box in to the pedal base.

And then tested the pedal plate.

It looks good, even though it is not the real deal..

A frontal shot of the pedal.. Hope you can see some details here..

The pedal plate, painted with several coats of black. I come from old electrical conduit cover I managed to salvage from somewhere.. While not the mosta accurate one, it serves well...

A quick black spray on the ion knobs..

I then installed the hex bolts on the boyz packs,

As well as mine..
I decided to give the trap pedal's plate another coat of paint, finishing layer this time, instead of black base coat.. Just to be sure..

Here is one of our packs, with alice frame attached, and gun tube in place..

The N-Filter needed the holes, so I made this template for it..

I then attached four hex bolts on my goggles..

And got back to the N-filters.. I firstly drilled pilot holes on to the cans..

And then messed up with a larger drill.. The drill teared up most of the holes...

To the extent that I snapped the filter of on my own pack.. Still,this was not a setback, the filter on my pack was not set straight, and I would have to set it straight anyway..

On my own pack I needed to fill in the blanks.. I originally intended to use some old speakers on my own pack, but soon after drilling the holes, I abandoned the idea.. The large hole was just on the spot where the alice frame would be connected into, so I needed to brace it with a piece of plywood..

I also threaded some lengths of yarn for the internal wiring and sort..

And added some other brackets on the pack.

I then glued the covers to the holes in place.

An plastered them...

I then plastered the N-filters that I messed with drilling..

With a heavy dose of plaster, as you can see..

On each pack..

And then, after drying up, I sanded them.

As well as my own pack.

My own N-filter needed some work, to set it straight.

I also filled the filler tubes on each pack.

A rather messy job on the N-filters, I should have made this previously..

I then went on to work on my movie traps. I found a portable MP3 speaker set that seemed to fit inside the trap cassette..

Opened, this seemed very close..

As you can see..

I then cut out the rear end of the cassette, to see if the speakers really fit in..

They did, splendidly, as you can see..

After this, I plastered the cutout,

And drilled a hole for the speaker cables..

..Right out from the bottom of the trap..

THEN, I decided to cut the mainteinance hatches using a piece of a post card.

It seems that I got the opening in the right place..

Even with the ALICE frame it is accessible..

As I cut my own pack, I accidentally ripped the filled covers open, so I needed to fill them again..

I also sprayed the trap black.

I then went on to work on the belt gizmoes.. I traced the pattern of the nixie holder on a paper, and traced it into a piece of aluminum that I had laying around.

And this is the result..

And with no time at all...

I then glued the printed images with spray paint, to a plastic board.. Only to find out that the spray glue warped the plastic, and therefore i switched the medium.. From plastic to aluminum..
Luckily, I did not read the instructions on the spray glue, they read, 'for a permanent attachment, spray both surfaces and let set for 10-60 min, and press together. For removable attachment, just spray and attach' It came out perfectly, so I needed not to print out new images..

Here are the images glued in the aluminum. With the nixie holders in pace, just for show...

I then cut them out, and..

Filed them to correct shape..

As you can see, I also drilled the holes for the wires and capacitators and such..

The capacitators were made from a wire, twisted around a pen..

And then filled with milliput. I could have bought the real capacitators from shop, but I would have to buy 100 capacitators in one deal, so I decided to make them myself..

After attaching them, and other bits, the boards looked really nice..

You can see the threading on this side of the boards..

Here is one of the boards. Yes, the top sanyos are the wrong way up.. I noticed this only after the epoxy glue had set... Well, they are only wrong to the right people..

As for the nixie tubes, a clear acrylic tube fitted the bill..

I used a piece of cardboard to set the little acrylic tubes in place as the glue set..

And they seem to be in nice order..

Overall, the boards look quite nice...