keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011

Heavy Gear Blitz!

Well, I've been meaning to do some photo shooting from my collection of Heavy Gear figures for the new Blitz! line.

These first photos are from a Norhern Bobcat Heavy Gear, modelled on it's peculiar SMS (Secondary Movement System). Typically the Heavy Gear figures have either wheels or tracks at the soles of their feet, and use those like skater would do in real life. Bobcat is a peculiar in that it has a different system of SMS, and it kneels down for the SMS mode. This allow it to have a larger set of wheels and lowers the overal profile of the gear. Thing is, that this particular SMS mode is not modelled on the figure line, and as I had one Minimaniak resin model, I thought that it would be easier to cut than the current metal ones. (There is, by the way, very little if any at all difference on the Minimaniak model and the current DP9 model).

I followed Mason's work on the matter, and tried to copy his ideas as good as I could. Sorry for the pictures being a bit blurry, my former camera was broken and I could not get better pics.

As you can see, the legs need to be cut into VERY tiny bits... This was very tedious job...

I'll need to take new photos from the finished figure, so this will be a teaser...