keskiviikko 12. marraskuuta 2008

Yup, still workin on these..

Yup, I'm really keen on getting this project flying. At this speed, we have possibilities on making this project done by the time the GB video game is released. Still, I have my doubts..

Damn, foiled again... I foiled the cyclotron on my part, to prepare it for a plaster coat, which will be used to make this part from fiberglass.

And here is the cake, just waiting for the icing on the top..

Also, I cut small triangles that were absent when the guys drew their parts from mine. We resolved to make these at a later time, and it is now.. These still require some smoothing, but that is for tomorrow.

I also glued and pastered these to Nixu's and Veka's packs, and then sanded them a little. The gaps were so large, that a lot of filler was needed, and it will require more time to dry. Well, more work tomorrow..

I also filled the gaps on these little parts that are needed on the lower parts of the pack. Tomorrow they will be smoothed and glued on place.

I also glued and smoothed these on, I know that there are weld lines on the Ion arm, but that will be taken care with epoxy putty later on.

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