tiistai 9. joulukuuta 2008

Snack break

Taking a little break from Ghostbusters, and especially from my studies, I pulled a Gundam Wing 1/144 scale mecha kit that I purchased a while ago. These kits are great, with moving parts, and require little or no glue or paint..

I must admit, that I purchased this 'Serpent Custom' kit without any knowledge on the Gundam Wing series. I am planning to use this mecha on a Lightning Strike (DP9) / Canvas Eagles spacebattles games, and I do not need to know particular attributes that this unit has on Gundam. In fact, I do not even care.

The kit is nicely packaged, and the instructions are both Japanese and English, to mention but a few.. Still, the instructions are simple enough, this is a grade/level three kit, but I guess that with over 25 years of building experience on my but, this is a breeze...

Legs and arms completed in fifteen minutes, this really is fast building.. The parts have no visible flash on them, so they are fast to complete.

And here she is, fully completed. In all, this took about a half an hour, or very little over that. The stickers are not attached, as I plan to paint and weather this on some point. As the kit required no glue whatsoever to complete, it can be pulled apart to ease the painting.. The kit came with different hands, to hold the weapons or do fists.. Cool figure, easy build, and about the size of a coke can.. I think I will get another one of these at some point..

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