maanantai 10. marraskuuta 2008

Veka's And Nixu's packs

Ok, Updating again.. We've been building GB gear for two years now, and are getting nearly nowhere due the thing called 'real life'. I have suffered from burnout, near nervous breakdown and depression, while Nixu has had a bit happier life. He got married, bought a house with his lovely wife, Satu, and recently had a beautiful baby girl. So, needles to say, the progress has been a tad slow on these. My pack is a bit further than these, but these are coming along nicely..

Veka has been working on his pack couple of times in the recent months, and the progress shows..

His parts, which looked a bit crude when he cut them, are showing huge improvement after a gallon of filler and paint. Note that Veka has had very limited, if none at all, experience on the tools that are needed to make a protonpack, and Stephan's plans were difficult for us all..

All in all, Veka will get very pretty pack, and I do not need to lie... See for your self. I did help him a bit, with filler, paint and some sanding, but the majority of the work on this, is his...

Nixu, on the otherhand, being an engineer (let's not hold that against him), had a bit better knowledge on the plans and tools. Still, as his preoccupation with family matters has prevented him to work on his pack, I decided to step in and help. These pictures are new to Nixu, and that was the main reason of posting them on here. Some filler needs to be smoothed, (work for tomorrow) and then painted.

I have sanded the pack, painted it and it too, is lookin good.

Some parts need some sanding, and there are some parts that are absent all together. Still, this is a good view on how the pack looks now..

Overall, Nixu's pack is progressing along just fine. Still more work to do, but this really shows some improvement.. Hope Nixu is happy for my help...

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