tiistai 11. marraskuuta 2008

Still working..

Still working on Veka's and Nixu's packs.. There was a time that I ended up doing all the work on my gaming group, including arranging the time, inviting people to come, place, work on the games, and the cleaning up afterwards, and as one can guess, I got fed up with it. I pledged not to do all the work by myself alone from then on, and not surprisingly, no games have been played after that..

Still, if I do not help in any way, this project will not go anywhere. And with the looming possibility of me losing the sole use of a common room in my apartment, this really needs to be done with.. Thus, today I cut these parts from 8mm MDF, glued them together making a 24mm thick part for the packs. If I recall, the original measurement is 25mm, but no one is going to notice the difference here. The parts are glued together, and the parts showing are pasted with filler. Tomorrow I'll sand them..

As you can see, the individual packs are a bit different. I measured this part from my pack, and it does not fit flush on the other packs. Still, this can be corrected with some sawing and filler. So not to worry, these will do just fine..

I also cut the block still needed n Nixu's pack, pasted it and glued it on.. It still needs filler, sanding and paint before completion.. Still, Nixu's pack is coming together nicely..

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