maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Body Cast 1

This is something I should have done ages ago, before beginning on my Fett project. It should ease things from the moment I get this done, which is I hope, very soon. I could not have done this alone, so a great thanks for help goes to Janne. He pasted the plaster bandages on me tirelessly..

The arms were made with a slight hollow on the insides, so I could get my arm out before the plaster got hard.

Then the hollow on the arms were plastered over, and left to dry overnight.

The next day I used a cutting disc on my dremel and cut the arms open. I marked the arms with the little 'w' which I thought I needed to align them again.

I then used filler to fill the seams on the hollows of the arms, as well as smoothening any hollows on the parts.

In each part that is. They were then again left to dry.

I used hand soap, the gel type, to act as a release agent on the plaster moulds. I did not take any pictures on the soaping phase, but I should point out that you need to be thorough in it, or else the fiberglass will bond to the plaster.

Here are the results. The soap worked, and the fiberglass pulled out nicely.

Here I have already soaped the other pieces, fiberglassed them and taken them out of the molds. I guess I did not use enough soap, or I left it too long in the molds. The fiberglass on the last parts stuck quite agressively on the plaster bandages, and most of them were destroyed as I pulled the fiberglass out. Oh well, I was going to throw the molds away anyway..

Hmm.. I did not know my insides looked like this..

I taped the pieces together to keep them in place when I fiberglassed the seams over.

Now this was both pleasant and disturbing piece. I can clearly see myself in this. The face cast also survived the pulling, which is good, As I need it for a plaster cast of my face.

The arms were too taped, then affixed together with more fiberglass.

The face aligned so nicely on the backside that no tape was needed. I just used two pieces of fiberglass on each side, and after they had hardened, I did the whole seam completely.

As well as the torso, belly first, and when it was hard enough, I turned the model, and fiberglassed the back too. It needs some work on the waist though, not that I don't agree that I have gained some weight, but not that way shown here. I guess the deformation on the waist area was due the fact that we did not do the whole body on one go, but on separate pieces.

The arms were too fiberglassed over the seams, now all the pieces are drying. Then I need to make the shoulder joints and the neck parts. I intend to make the neck so that the head could be taken off for sculpting. The arms will have round sockets, so that they can be moved slightly.
But more of that later..

Full Metal Fett 6

Well, ok, this work was done last saturday. I've been working with my foll body cast, and forgot to update this blog on this project.

The chest pieces are bent thus far. Still have not decided if they need to be bent more.

The hardboard inside the piece helps a lot when bending the edges.

As well as the rubber hammer. Thanks Skjoldhammar. I hammered these pieces on the floor against a piece of wood. I hit the piece from the inside, so to keep any dents on the hardboard.

This is the side view. I still think that these need more curving. But that is for another day.

tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 5

Well, I did not get any work done on my prop projects today, aside of gathering supplies. This work was done yesterday, but for some reason I could not post the pictures here. Aside these, I cleaned the workspace a little, a chore that I should have done ages ago..
I re-did some work on my cod piece, as the connection method between the butt piece and this I decided upon required it. Boy, would it have been easier if I was to think this before.. I don't have picks for it, but I cut similar piece of hardboard that is in the butt piece inside the cod piece too, to facilitate even folding easier. This of course meant, that I had to unfold the edges that I had folded before....

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, I cut pieces of hardboard inside the chest pieced as well...

And then folded the edges in, the chest pieces did not deform too much in the process, I can correct the deformations after the pieces are bent and the hardboard is taken out.

Here is the pieces again, with the right side upside down. I am pondering on the decision to place some padding in here, but that would increase the weight, and cause some heat problems. Not that metal armor would not provide them enough on it's own..

torstai 6. maaliskuuta 2008

Ecto Goggles 5

I haven't actually made any progress on my props today aside of getting a rubber hammer for metal working. I have Math and Electrics tests next monday and tuesday, and I've been cramming my head with electric physics. I tell you that bending metal is way easier.

This is how my goggles look as of yesterday. There are SEVERAL coats of paint on these, gray primer, too light catachan green, then Tamiya Olive green, and finally Tamiya Olive Drab (XF-62). I thought that the goggles looked too dark in real life, but this photo taken in daylight actually looks bang on. I'll sand this, then coat it with OD again, then do this again and again until I get even coat and smooth finish. But, that will have to wait, now, of to bed..

keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 4

Got some thing done today. The main thing that I got done today was plaster casts of my body, with a help of a friend. As you can guess, it would be quite impossible to make one by one's self. We have begun the bodycast sometime ago, but got the final parts done today. I can to the fiberglassing myself now, and when I get it done, this project will get wings under it. Today's work was on the butt plate.

I've bent it thus far, and I am a bit hesitant to continue until I get the fiberglass bodycast done. Then I can get another person's view better.

I cut similar piece of hardboard inside the buttplate, so that the edges would be easier to bend equally. I intend to get the hardboard out when the piece is in it's final form. If you wonder about the three metal slaps on the inside, those will have their purposes, which I will keep to my self for the moment..

This is how it is when connected with the cod piece. There are many centimeters excess material on both of them, which I left for trimming.

tiistai 4. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 3

Here are the pieces I traced in the metal, cut them and folded most of the edges. The parts still need much work, but I had to stop for this day, as I am doing most of my work done in a common area in my apartment house.

Here is the cod piece again, I got an idea for the piece, which I will not disclose as of yet. But be forewarned, I think you will like it. I know that I will... But, that idea needs the MIG welder more than before. Still, that and the fact that I decided to make this piece from more than one piece, will enhance the outlook. Well I hope so anyway...

This is the back side of the left breast plate at the moment. Every side will be folded when I get time for it. Still, I think that this project has some prospect.. More to follow...

maanantai 3. maaliskuuta 2008

My Light Saber...

This is my Light saber that I made nearly five years ago. I must press the fact that this is truly working, functioning LIGHT saber.... It has a two c-cell Maglite(ish, a cheap ripoff that I got cheaply) flashlight built in the handle. ...Well, it more or like IS the handle, with some other stuff.. The activation button is the round thing on the top. NO ONE ever notices that, everyone tries to move the little plastic box glued beneath the handle, I've had to re-glue it back more than once!

It is about 25cm long, and yes, it could have been longer.. The pipe used on the outside frame is chromed vacume pump tube, which was cut in the middle where the seam opens, making it possible to shorten that vacume tube's lenght.

I fashioned a D ring attachment out of wire, piece of aluminum, and pop rivets. As I took this picture, I noticed that the insides, which had no chroming, are beginning to accumulate rust. I should have fore seen this.. Still, the main flashlight handle is not glued in, it is attached by friction via rubber mat pieces. I could take it apart and together again..

Here is the the light end of the saber. The plastic in front of the light is held by simple o-ring. I did this as opposed to glueing it in place, as the glue could mist the plastic, and cleaning would be impossible.

Here she is with front tube un-attached. The tube is held in place by the friction originally on the vacuum tube.

And again, but the front is back on again. The base is just a hexagonal flooring tile, piece of cardboard, cut and glued together and painted black.

This is what makes every LIGHT saber work. I am thinking of making The Force Batteries labels on some duracells, but these work for now. And YES, I am happy as a kid when a blackout happens... All in all, this little thing cost me about ten euro's for I only needed to buy the O-ring and the flashlight, and some rubber matting, the vacume tube, windshield viper blades and other stuff I got free from trashcans. And, as I did this on a little break from work, I actually got PAID for doing this. Every piece was also acquired on work time...

Full Metal Fett 2

Ok, I got some hammering done today, and I am pleased with the results. For one who has barely dabbled on metal work, the results present themselves quite adequately.

I tried to beat the metal into shape on the cod piece, but I finally had to make two small cuts to bend the shape correctly. You can see the cuts clearly here. I will smoothen the cuts after they are welded.

This actually is starting to make at least decent cod piece.. This shot is before I bent the top down. I just remembered that I forgot to paint primer inside to protect it against rust, so I'll have to get it open again.

It would have been SOOOOO easy to prime everything on this stage... Oh well..

Here is the full frontal for the ladies..
And a bit from the side. This actually sits very neatly, I must thank Alan (Wizardoflight) from the Dented Helmet, his plans are awesome indeed. I must admit that this is probably the best point to make the armor from metal. If you get in to trouble while trooping, you can bet that it is going to hurt your assailant more than you, if he decides to attack your groins...

Here is the cod piece loose on the floor. It still needs hammering, priming and welding before bondo and paint, but I like this pic.

Again from a bit further, begins to look good. At the right is the only tool for metal shaping that I have, aside of small bench, hacksaw and dremel.-

Still another one..

Yep, I'm loving this piece... Well, at least until the first hot summer day with it..

Here is the rear armor, which was actually the first piece I cut for this project, for the size of the piece. It received some hammering and bending, but looks good..

I cut the slots for the jetpack, and hammered them open. I just hope that I placed them on correct place, as Alan's plans did not indicate this information...

Again, from another angle...

The neck piece. This has also received some hammering today, and I like the results.. After the initial shaping is done, I will add the dents on the armor, but it can wait for now.

The back and the neck piece, juuust before I tried them together...

And they MATCH!!! You know, this looks a little alike Roman segmenta armor... I guess I will have to make one someday...

Well, nearly anyway. It is good that Alan left some trimming material on his plans, they are the extra stuff after the green marker.

As you can see, both pieces need to be trimmed in order for a perfect fit (or perfect Fett?)

All of the armor pieces laid on the floor. It is pics like this that really give you the real picture of your advancement on projects like these..