maanantai 3. marraskuuta 2008

My Holochess table 2

Ok, I got impatient. I have a date with a girl tomorrow, and cannot make any progress on this tomorrow. And as the paint needs to cure at least a week before use, I went and took a risk on this table. The silver is not fully cured, so it might peel off as I pull the masking tape off..

Still, I taped the mask on the table, using scotch tape.

And then carefully, very carefully cut out the middle ring squares. Note that I cut out the areas that are going to remain silver, and at this stage, left the black ones on. For reasons that follow..

Then, using the cut outs, I covered the silver areas, put more tape on, and hoped...

After that, I took a sharp knife, and cut out the black squares, leaving the tape, and the papers to cover the silver areas. At this point I was a bit relieved, as the first pulls from the silver did not peel off, even when I pulled the tape from it. This seemed hopeful..

So I progressed to paint the board black. I tried not to paint the edges, as I want them to remain silver/gray. It seemed that I succeeded... After spraying the board black, I immediately proceeded to remove any and all tapes, ant masking papers from the board, as risque it might be..

And the result was better than I anticipated. The paint did not peel, and on some locations, it stuck with the paper mask. There are some tape marks on the silver, as well a little botchup on one black square. Still, it was good. Some rub and buff with 0000 grade steel wool after this has been fully cured, and it might look ok. And after a hell of laquer on top of this to prevent wear and tear, I feel that this will look good in the end. Still, if time allows, I will not try this again, I got lucky on this one... DO LET the paint dry before you try this...

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