torstai 28. helmikuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 1

This project stepped into my mind years ago, as the special edition Star Wars movies premiered. It was the very first time I got to see A New Hope on the big screen, as I was three when the original premiered in the US. Although I do not approve the addition of the Boba Fett character as mere henchman to Jabba the Hutt, it still provided a chance to make a Fett costume that is 501st approved, but a mix of Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi. I like the helmet in ESB, and the Blaster rifle from the RotJ. (which reminds me to take photos for you of it, I made one few years ago..) As for the decision to make tha armor parts from metal was simply as I had access to free metal sheets, and the form of the back armor was a pain to get from plastic, I tried it, and failed. Still, making this from metal is going to be a challenge of it's own, and I'll have to see what I can archieve.

Here are the collar and the cod piece, which I cut out today, hand hammered seven shades of **** out of them. The back armor and the abdomen piece are cut previously, but the back received some treatment today.

This pic gives me hope of completing something decent out of this one. The boys and girls of Dented Helmet forum have made some spectacular examples, of which I hardly can hope to archieve... Still, I'll give it a shot.

Here is the cod piece, cut from one piece. It still needs heavy hammering, this photo actually hides most of the deformations still present.

This is the backside of the collar armor. I cut a bit wider pieces, and folded the edges to get somewhat smoother edges, and giving the armor a bit thicker appearance. I plan to put some velcro between the folded edges on the chest armor pieces to keep them secured in the vest.

Particle Thrower 1

Here is my particle thrower, still in bits and pieces. I need to buy a MIG welder in order to complete this and some other projects.

The parts are cut to size, but still need some work. I'll leave that to the moment I get the welder..

The grips are dremelled out of solid block of 2x2 inch woodblock. I primed them along with the Ecto Goggles today, hope I don't have to do more work on them. Will not do any more work downstairs today, If you look at my Full Metal Fett project, you'll see that I've harassed my neighbors enough with cutting and hammering metal sheets. I think I'll go for a jog, as it simply is too beautifull day outside to waste it inside..

keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2008

Ecto Goggles 4

The inside view. As I said, the mask that I used did not fit perfectly when it was complete, it poses no problems at this stage. There are so little left of the original mask, that what is left actually conforms to my face, leaving room for padding. I am at the moment pondering on putting lights and more detail on the insides.. Lucky for me that I am in no hurry with this..

Here you can see the bottom view, just as I've sealed the nails in place with PVA and superglue. In the first photos of the mask, which are more recent than this, the gaps are already sealed with filler, and sanded, many, many many times.. I'll try to post more tomorrow, I have to get some rest, for it has been a long day...

Ecto Goggles 3

Well, this is when I've attached the mask to the goggles. I just srewed it on, as you can see below.

Well, not here, but a bit further. The mask still needs some sanding.

...But it is starting to look nice...

The white line on the top, next to the mask is where I nearly srewed this up, literally. The srew I used split the mdf frame, and I had to use liberal amounts of glue, PVA, epoxy and cyanoacrylate to hold it in..

Here you can see a bit more of the insides, I used small nails to further strenghten the joins where I could not, for fear of splitting more, use screws.

Ecto Goggles 2

Ok, as for the part that will be in touch with my face, I used a plastic mask bought from a hobby store. I originally planned to use this in Phantom of the Opera mask, but it does not sit perfectly, and it is a woman's face.. But, then it hit me. This could be used in the Goggles.

Here are some rough sketches for the cutting.

Viewed from the side..

And from the front, before cutting

After a few close moments with my dremel, I am here..

Ecto Goggles

Here are the goggles, with a bit better view. The pics in the previous are more up to date, but this is more or like in the works stuff..

I used urethane for connecting the tubes in the mdf box, I guess there is a bit better way..

The top side, it has gone WAAAAy further from here..

Yeah I know that the tubes (or are they oculars...) are a bit awwry, I'll correct this as Ill replace the ends with chromed tubing..

The insides, well, at that moment...
Ok, here is the bumper for my pack, primed for the second time, I can still see some fillings and seams, I guess it's one more time to fill the gaps, and sand it...

Hmm, can't really remember if this photo is actually taken before or after the one above.. Well, there's been so much sanding and pasting, Who can tell..

A little better closeup on the goggles, sanded for the millionth time..

maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2008

Alt eisen Terror Ausf T

I found these photos some time ago, and as I am fond of Dream Pod 9 products, I thought that this would make cool troop transport for Gear Krieg games. I searched ebay for appropriate scale at-at, which I found to be a Action Fleet At-At. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the box, or from the At itself, before I repainted it. As I haven't done any blogs, I have not taken many work in progress shots.
Ill take some pictures tomorrow... Note that this model is not quite finished yet... As with so many other projects that I've started..

As you can see, I used the side hatch, and filled the insides with various 1/72 German soldiers. I intend to make railings on the ramp, and commander on the open turret, as well as a cable that the soldiers use to disembark. It has a small magnetic slab that I can use to hold the commander in place, and take him easily out if the turret us unmanned. You will, of course, notice that the AT-AT model is way too small to match the 1/72 scale, about a good one third of what it should be. Where I scaled it, was from the first two black and white shots. As I get my other 1/72 models ready, I will take some photo with the same placement of models.
I am quite pleased with the results of the weathering on this model, hope the pictures I took can show them. Unfortunately, as always, I forgot what paints I used on this, and cannot replicate the same results.. I get this a lot, frustrating as heck..

This is what my workspace looks like at the moment. I do my dirty stuff in the club/common room at my apartment building to which I only have the key. I would probably get evicted if the someone knew..
And yes, those are proton packs on the works. I have been building Ghostbusters costumes with two friends for a little over a year now (on and off, one day per month or so), and the results are showing.

This is my pack from about a month ago. I've since base coated it, sanded it, again and again, and finally it seems to get to the point where I can paint it black.
There are many things to be done with this pack, and for my friend's as well..

A little better view of my pack.. If you are wondering, we've been using Stephan Otto's plans from At the time, Ive put about a hundred euro's for my pack, including the alice pack frame.

Here she is, primed and ready for another sanding.. Don't let the picture fool you, the pack looks a bit distorted from the camera angle. I've tried to keep it as close to the originals as I can, and at the moment, I'd go as far as saying that this pack is 80% accurate..

First posting...

Well, here we are. I must have read million blogs about projects, and finally got to create my own..
I have several things in the making, and will probably not be able to finish them all before my time is up, but in the meantime, I can try..