maanantai 6. heinäkuuta 2009

GB update

Ok, now I SHOULD be sleeping now, but I just downloaded these pictures from my camera to my computer, and it has been a while with no updates. So, here goes.
I grabbed some pictures from, namely Namebrand's pictures, in order to figure out what cables I need for the GB1 ribbon cable.

As well as the current, corrected measurements of the cable clamp.

I am working on electric repairs on an old school, and as we were dismantling the old installations, I scored some old wires, that are VERY close..

But, as with everything, I am doing multiple projects at once, so bear with me. I found some pneumatic connectors for the traps and pedals very cheaply (the store owner gave me over 60% discount when I explained what I was doing.. Great customer service, if you ask me..). I then went to get some cables for the couplings..

And here is my GB1 'hero' trap, dangling on the cable. The coupling and the cable fitted together so snugly, that no other attachment methods are needed to hold the trap.

I just HAD to swing the trap around couple of times. I guess you need to know why..

I then coupled the trap and the pedal together, to see how they look.

I then went on to making me some pneumatic elbows. I could not find these locally, but I found some pneumatic components from which to make them. I stamped the parts to ease the drilling.

I then drilled a hole on each of them, and attached a nut with a pop rivet in each of them. Note that I did not squeeze the rivets so hard as to snap the end of the rivet of.

For a reason. I then pushed a bit of cut out electrical insulation from old cable, and pushed it over the rivet.

And, then I pushed a pneumatic elbow over it.

I then did the others.

To the same point.

I then worked on the Ion Knobs, I had glued them together, and sprayed them black. They are just washers, and there are not accurate number of them, but, the dimensions are correct, and no one can tell the difference. I scratched the paint of to a certain degree, I need to let them be until I can see them on the packs.

I then sprayed grey primer on Veka's pack.

Filled the pneumatic elbows (they were hollow), after having painted them black along with the 'vector' plate for my trap pedal.

I primered my own pack too.

As with Nixu's too..

Here are the clippards, courtesy of Nick A Tron and BobaMatt.

As for the ribbon cable, there were no white cables, so I painted some.

I then went on to work on the trap pedal. Most of the parts are genuine, movie deal. I was able to find the hammond boxes, relay socket and the Sub-D housing on the shelf of local electronics stores! I just needed to cut the base, and then fabricate a plate that can hold it's own when stamped on. The answer was a bit of electrical conduit cover, from work..

I got the other connector for the ribbon cable from Nick A Tron, and I just screwed it on..

And then tested the looks with my Omron relay. It is not the accurate one, but will do for now. It can be easily swapped if I get my hands on the real deal.

I then noticed that the ribbon cable I was about to use on the pedal was too wide for Nick's connector. Now what to do..?

Of course, dremel, a little time and I had narrower cable. The cut out ends of the black connector will be hidden in the trap connector, so no worries.

I then set out to work on the other side of teh cable. I needed to take the aluminum box of in order to get the Sub-D housing open..

As I had attached the Sub-D with two bolts, It will be REALLY secure, and easy to attach the cable..

A little washer helped a bit here.

Looks nice, don't you think? I just need to fins some hinges and a spring, and it's all done.

I tested it in the trap, and it looks good. Again, the ribbon cable is REALLY secure, I could dangle the pedal on the trap without fear..

Here the pedal is again, with some connector to raise the pedal plate up a bit.

Nixu had some time on his hands, and came to work on his pack. It has been a while now, when he was last working on the pack, but that is understandable with one year old in the house..

Did I mention that I work on many things at the same time? Here is my Iona, well, roughly at least.. I found some document on the domensions of this thing, and made a model of it from plaster, and then made a quick FG mold, and this is the result of two pulls..

Which, with primer, show their ugly work that is needed..

Whell, when the primer was drying, I went to work on the pedal again. I thought of using the spring from an olf mouse trap for the plate, and it fits nicely, although it it not accurate by any means.. Works for now, and can be replaced when time comes.

I also just pop riveted the hinge to the plate, instead of using screws. It looks good any way..

As you can see..

I cut the trap in half, and then screwed it on the base.

It pushes the plate up quite nicely..

And adds some mechanical reality to the pedal. This will be covered with black paint, of course..

Which kind of hides everything quite nicely..

The Iona's after some sanding, and another coat of primer..

And here is my RGB trap, in full use.. This baby has come in hand very often, and I am REALLY glad that I made this. thirteen meters of cable, and four electrical sockets makes this 'trap' really usefull when working on the other props..