keskiviikko 19. marraskuuta 2008

Today's hard work.

Ok, today I did some work on my own pack, as well as to the other packs. I recently had a vague feeling, that a regular can of peas could work as a strurdy N-Filter. Therefore, I went and bought one, and when measured, the can is 4mm wider than the N-Filter on Stephan's plans. So sue me, I thought, it is close enough. I have been trying to locate proper size tube (no, pringles tube is not on my list) with no avail.. The can is 120mm tall though, so I need to sink it in the Syncronous Generator. So, I cut a hole in it. I also widened the hole on the center, so I have more opening, when putting in the lighting on the Cyclotron.

Test fitting the can on place, it fits snugly, so it will be durable. Well, I hope so..

And here it is with the Cyclotron.

The whole pack. It needs some cleaning, and another coat of gray, then I will be hitting it with black undercoats with steel wool sanding in the between. After that, weathering and dull coat, and voila!

I did some work for the boyz too, I cut openings on their components, so we can put the electronics inside. The boyz will have to dig out some urethane, which we used to fill their parts. Mine is urethane free..

Here are the packs, Though on closer inspection, each pack has some differences, on the whole, they look good if you don't mind me bragging. On my pack, I'll need to eat the peas, smoothen the can and then attach it to the Syncronous Generator and Cyclotron. Then a happy gray and of to work on another point..

In my rush to get the noisy work done as fast as possible, I did make a boo-boo on Veka's pack. I cut the opening for the electronics on the wrong side of the Gearbox, even after I marked every piece!! Darn, always check twice, and cut once...

As you can see, the hole is quite visible Under the HGA.

Even when the HGA is in place, it shows through.. I cannot leave this behind, as this was my mistake, not Veka's. If this was on my own pack I would be tempted to put a fluoroscent green mouse with glowing red eyes in there, and leave the hole in place. Is someone were to notice it, I'd push a button and light the mouse, giving the guy a fright of his life.. Still, as this is not mine, no can do...

That being said, I rummaged through my bits box, and found a proper sized bit of MDF.

And the put some PVA glue on it, and glued it in place. This repair work does not weaken the Gearbox, as it is in the middle of other parts. I just feel that this needs to be done... Few hours, and I will go and put filler in there, and tomorrow give it a light sanding. I was lucky to make this mistake on the easiest surface to repair on this part...

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