perjantai 21. marraskuuta 2008

N-Filter, take two..

As I said, the N-Filter that I'll use on our packs is a pea soup tin can.. Here is the can, with the contents in my tummy..

I used coarse sandpaper to roughen up the can, so that the filler would stick a bit better. I would not want to have some parts drop off after so much work...

Then, I pasted the filler on the can, left it drying, then sanded it and primered it. On surfaces like this, the primer really comes to life, as you can really see the imperfections on the can..

That being said, more filler, sanding...

And primer again.. I do hope, that I do not need to add much filler on this anymore. Still, there are cavities that needs filling. I'll do them individually, then prime it again... Much work..

I fixed the boo-boo on Veka's pack also. The only thing left on the outer side is the cut that I made. The piece fits nicely..

So, what do you do to fill a gap? Use filler, of course... Here are the happy three, just waiting for attention..

Well, that being said, I sanded the can with 400 grit paper, and after that, I rubbed it with a towel, it seemed quite nice. Still, I'll fill some cavities, and then sand and prime it again. After this, though, any holes or cavities will be treated as 'weathering'...

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