maanantai 3. marraskuuta 2008

My Holochess table

Ok, Updates as I get something done.. This is a standard serving table with turntable on the bottom, available from Ikea. I'll use this in my bodycast, to serve as a base with a turntable, and as a holochess table (the reverse side). At this moment I have no intention to make the Dejaric holochess creatures, but will use this table with Star Wars Bobblehead figures. I guess that makes this the Star Wars HoloBobbleHead Tic Tac Toe, of sorts..

The tray is base coated in gray on both sides, and then the edges are traced on a piece of paper.

To form a circle, around which I drew a square. As those adept with geometrics can tell, the square helps to determine the center of the circle.

And from the established center point, I traced the inner and outer rims

I used the same center point to divide the circle into the ceckered pattern, and cut the circle out.

Then I started to trace the 'squares' and cut them out. Well, most of them. The rest are cut after the mask is taped on the tray.

The tray itself is sprayed with several coats of silver paint, I still do not know if there is enough to provide metallistic finish, but the black squares will provide a nice contrast. At this point, Unfortunately I need to give the silver paint time to dry and cure sufficiently to accept masking tape. More updates as I get something done..

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