sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2010

Yet another MASSIVE GB update..

Well, time has flied again, but the work continues...

I took a piece of kneanadite, two part epoxy putty also known as 'green stuff'. Mixed equal portions together to get that 'green stuff' and rolled a piece of it..

I then laid out one of our packs, well, mine in fact..

And went working on the weld lines on the N-Filter

Ribbed, for her pleasure..

As well as the HGA..

And the Booster Tube..

After having done this to all three packs, I decided that It is time to glue the boyz packs together. I had originally thought that I would do this only after the packs had beed painted black, but I abandoned this idea.

As there are parts that needed to be flush with each other, I needed massive amounts of filler to get this done, so I might as well Glue them together and be done with it..

The packs need some V-clips, and I had some spare aluminum sheet lying around.. Ergo, I marked out the parts.

And have seem to lost some pictures.. Well, I also bought a hole drill bit, and drilled enough MDF and plywood to get disks for the Hose Connector, and Booster Tube Plug for our packs.

I glued them together, and folded the female V-Clip parts over.

I then went to spray the packs with black top coat.

Here is Veka's..

Here Is Nixus..

And mine. The ugly color on the N-Filter is just a lens glare..

I then took the female V-Clip parts and pop riveted them to the male parts..

Ant the pressed them on my trusty vice..

And after the intial folding had been hammered on the vice, I bent the rest on the table..

But only to the half way, at the moment..

I then filed of much of the aluminum to get a smoother fit.

I then attached the female part on my own pack.

I then decided to finish one of my problems. My lathe. It had been attached to my work bench for some time, but as I needed to give access to the club room to other occupants, this would not work. I will not attach it to the table for few hours and then remove it...

So, I had this spare 'lundia' shelf lying around..

I fitted the lathe on it, and it is perfect..

I then drilled three holes and attached the lathe on teh board, and added four rubber pieces to even teh board out..

After this, I went on to work on the V-Clips. I placed the female parts in, and marked out what to cut out on the other parts.

And after a hour od dremelling, I had these..

Then, on to work on the belt gizmoes.. Well, on the belt holder, that is.. I traced out a template from the GBFans site.. And compared it to the belt gizmo.

...Seems to fit perfectly, so off to work..

I had this piece of leather, taken out from an old office stool. I only had three sections that could be of any use, but three is enough..

I cut the parts roughly in shape, and applied some glue between the parts, and then pressed them together to get a bit stiffer leather.

I also took out another piece of leather, and old leather purse, and took the guts out, and glued the leather together.

I then cut out the bases for the holders, looks fine to me.

Don't you think?

There were some ugly gaps on out Proton Guns...

So I took out the kneanadite again..

And ribbed some putty rolls..

I then took out my counter sinking tools, and began to drill the screw holes in so that the screws would sink in..

And attached them to our packs. Here is mine with the proton gun. Looks good!!!

Then, the rest..


And Nixu's..

...And mine again..

I then went through my screw box and found some philips head screws that we need on our packs..

As well as the hex bolt on the bottom.. For some curious reason, the flash gave the impression that the pack has not been painted black yet..

Well, it has not been, from the bottom at least. I attached the pop rivets on the back of the pack, and set out to spray it black..

But before that, I found out a pleasant thing. I had been drilling the oles for the Crank Knob and the resistors and what not, and the drill bit that I used was exatly the size for the pop rivet shafts. I mean the parts that you snap out when thightening the rivets.. They can be used in the knobs!!

So, I spared them from the garbage future, and attached my Krank Knob..

And the resistors..

On both sides..

I then sprayed the back of my pack with black paint. It was not a completely smooth finnish, but I need to paint it again for a few times..