lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2008

My living room table

This is my living room table, which used to be cluttere with junk inside. When I got fed up with that, I came up with the idea of placing some of my props inside. I bought 1 inch thick piece of foam, and piece of smooth velvet fabric that fit snuggly inside the drawer. For these photos, I took the glass cover off, so that the flash would not get reflected. Now, the junk mostly is placed on top of this table, but now I get fed up at it more, so it stays clean somewhat more often. And, if you wonder, that is a reindeer pelt under the table.. I guess Rudolph got a last meal at some point..

This is what's in there at the moment. A mark two Lawgiver, bought from ebay for 15$ (I got lucky), a RotJ Boba Fett rifle I made few years ago (it has functioning airsoft gun inside, so I must be careful when showing it), Two black powder guns I bought from a trip to Venice, Italy that is.. The two concussion grenades are inert, but real. The two knives are some of Finnish famous designs, an Ilves (lynx) knife from Martini, and carving knife from Roselli. They are very good quality knifes that have much historic values to many Finns, and if you ever visit Helsinki, these knives make fine souvenirs back home.

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