maanantai 3. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 2

Ok, I got some hammering done today, and I am pleased with the results. For one who has barely dabbled on metal work, the results present themselves quite adequately.

I tried to beat the metal into shape on the cod piece, but I finally had to make two small cuts to bend the shape correctly. You can see the cuts clearly here. I will smoothen the cuts after they are welded.

This actually is starting to make at least decent cod piece.. This shot is before I bent the top down. I just remembered that I forgot to paint primer inside to protect it against rust, so I'll have to get it open again.

It would have been SOOOOO easy to prime everything on this stage... Oh well..

Here is the full frontal for the ladies..
And a bit from the side. This actually sits very neatly, I must thank Alan (Wizardoflight) from the Dented Helmet, his plans are awesome indeed. I must admit that this is probably the best point to make the armor from metal. If you get in to trouble while trooping, you can bet that it is going to hurt your assailant more than you, if he decides to attack your groins...

Here is the cod piece loose on the floor. It still needs hammering, priming and welding before bondo and paint, but I like this pic.

Again from a bit further, begins to look good. At the right is the only tool for metal shaping that I have, aside of small bench, hacksaw and dremel.-

Still another one..

Yep, I'm loving this piece... Well, at least until the first hot summer day with it..

Here is the rear armor, which was actually the first piece I cut for this project, for the size of the piece. It received some hammering and bending, but looks good..

I cut the slots for the jetpack, and hammered them open. I just hope that I placed them on correct place, as Alan's plans did not indicate this information...

Again, from another angle...

The neck piece. This has also received some hammering today, and I like the results.. After the initial shaping is done, I will add the dents on the armor, but it can wait for now.

The back and the neck piece, juuust before I tried them together...

And they MATCH!!! You know, this looks a little alike Roman segmenta armor... I guess I will have to make one someday...

Well, nearly anyway. It is good that Alan left some trimming material on his plans, they are the extra stuff after the green marker.

As you can see, both pieces need to be trimmed in order for a perfect fit (or perfect Fett?)

All of the armor pieces laid on the floor. It is pics like this that really give you the real picture of your advancement on projects like these..

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