tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 5

Well, I did not get any work done on my prop projects today, aside of gathering supplies. This work was done yesterday, but for some reason I could not post the pictures here. Aside these, I cleaned the workspace a little, a chore that I should have done ages ago..
I re-did some work on my cod piece, as the connection method between the butt piece and this I decided upon required it. Boy, would it have been easier if I was to think this before.. I don't have picks for it, but I cut similar piece of hardboard that is in the butt piece inside the cod piece too, to facilitate even folding easier. This of course meant, that I had to unfold the edges that I had folded before....

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, I cut pieces of hardboard inside the chest pieced as well...

And then folded the edges in, the chest pieces did not deform too much in the process, I can correct the deformations after the pieces are bent and the hardboard is taken out.

Here is the pieces again, with the right side upside down. I am pondering on the decision to place some padding in here, but that would increase the weight, and cause some heat problems. Not that metal armor would not provide them enough on it's own..

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