maanantai 3. maaliskuuta 2008

My Light Saber...

This is my Light saber that I made nearly five years ago. I must press the fact that this is truly working, functioning LIGHT saber.... It has a two c-cell Maglite(ish, a cheap ripoff that I got cheaply) flashlight built in the handle. ...Well, it more or like IS the handle, with some other stuff.. The activation button is the round thing on the top. NO ONE ever notices that, everyone tries to move the little plastic box glued beneath the handle, I've had to re-glue it back more than once!

It is about 25cm long, and yes, it could have been longer.. The pipe used on the outside frame is chromed vacume pump tube, which was cut in the middle where the seam opens, making it possible to shorten that vacume tube's lenght.

I fashioned a D ring attachment out of wire, piece of aluminum, and pop rivets. As I took this picture, I noticed that the insides, which had no chroming, are beginning to accumulate rust. I should have fore seen this.. Still, the main flashlight handle is not glued in, it is attached by friction via rubber mat pieces. I could take it apart and together again..

Here is the the light end of the saber. The plastic in front of the light is held by simple o-ring. I did this as opposed to glueing it in place, as the glue could mist the plastic, and cleaning would be impossible.

Here she is with front tube un-attached. The tube is held in place by the friction originally on the vacuum tube.

And again, but the front is back on again. The base is just a hexagonal flooring tile, piece of cardboard, cut and glued together and painted black.

This is what makes every LIGHT saber work. I am thinking of making The Force Batteries labels on some duracells, but these work for now. And YES, I am happy as a kid when a blackout happens... All in all, this little thing cost me about ten euro's for I only needed to buy the O-ring and the flashlight, and some rubber matting, the vacume tube, windshield viper blades and other stuff I got free from trashcans. And, as I did this on a little break from work, I actually got PAID for doing this. Every piece was also acquired on work time...

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