keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2008

Full Metal Fett 4

Got some thing done today. The main thing that I got done today was plaster casts of my body, with a help of a friend. As you can guess, it would be quite impossible to make one by one's self. We have begun the bodycast sometime ago, but got the final parts done today. I can to the fiberglassing myself now, and when I get it done, this project will get wings under it. Today's work was on the butt plate.

I've bent it thus far, and I am a bit hesitant to continue until I get the fiberglass bodycast done. Then I can get another person's view better.

I cut similar piece of hardboard inside the buttplate, so that the edges would be easier to bend equally. I intend to get the hardboard out when the piece is in it's final form. If you wonder about the three metal slaps on the inside, those will have their purposes, which I will keep to my self for the moment..

This is how it is when connected with the cod piece. There are many centimeters excess material on both of them, which I left for trimming.

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