maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

Small things part two

There was some work to be done on our packs that was undone last saturday. The injectors are unfilled, and the small loom tube is absent. Ergo, I set out to work..

At first, I cut out six pieces of the said tube..

And crammed some pieces of plastic bag inside the tubes..

And followed that with some aluminum foil. This plugged the tubes so that the entire lenght would not bee needed to be filled.

I then poured plaster in the injectors, and stuck the tubes in the plaster. This way the tube is stuck in the plaster without the need of glue.

I did, of course plug the end of the tubes that was to be inserted into the plaster, otherwise they would be filled with plaster, and this is not intended..

And without long last, I had two packs with tubes filled..

And before long, all three packs were drying. It really helped that the packs can stand upright on their own... After the plaster is fully dry, i can fill the ends completely and sand them smooth. And after that, paint the tubes black..

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