torstai 1. huhtikuuta 2010

Small things, part deux..

Well, it is Easter... I made a promise to myself that these would be done by Easter this year, with or without the help of the boyz..

Still, that is not impossible, but requires much work, and the main constraint is the time the paint and glues take drying..

The injector tubes were sanded and painted. At this point, I suspected some foul play on the loom tubes..

Their outer diameter is the same as the pneumatic tube that is supposed to go inside!!! I'll have to get a bigger tube, and then drill out the smaller ones.. Shucks!

Still, The time I had was not for waste, as I had some other knobs to put in. Crank Knobs, to be exact..

As well as the remaining pneumatic elbows..

And the resistors on the Ion Arms. The boyz did a small boo boo on their packs... They included an extra weld on their Ion Arms, and this poses some problems...

I had to snap the attachment point of on one of them to fit it in. Still, with glue and sqrews, they'll hold..

One can just enjoy the work on these, this is the time that it really is beginning to pay up..

I connected the cable clamps back on, as there is very little painting on these any more..

The Ion Arm blocks were panted the previous night..

I drilled holes for the bolts, and attached them to our packs. I also drilled out the holes needed for the brass tubings..

Nice look in is not??

On the south end of the block, where the longer brass rod is to be attached, the space for the hole is interrupted by the attaching bolt. It only goes about half of an inch inside, whereas I had hoped for a total penetration... Well, this will have to hold.. I meant to attach the brass rods on, but could not locate my tube cutter... So it'll be a job for another day..

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