perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2010

Some work on GB stuff..

Tomorrow the boyz are coming to work on their packs, and I am just making some final pieces for them.

I had cut the parts for the Booster Plugs, and now it was time to get working on them. I took our a cup of coffee, Stephan's plans, and did some measuring..

And after a happy while, I had these. They fit into our packs, and need to be sanded and painted..

I did then spray the Hose Connectors with gray top coat, but the spray paint died on me, and the paint was fractured.. Sucks, I'll need to sand them again..

Here are the Booster Plugs with filler and gray primer.

And here after sanding and another gray primer. They are looking to fit the bill, and I'll be painting them black tonight.

After a light sanding, (I did use my lathe on this...) the connectors were in need of another coat of paint. I think I will be sticking to the gray primer on these, and then some clear coat of varnish on them.

I then went on to work on my own pack, repairing the damage on my Ion arm. I cut out the base on my pack, as well as the connecting part on the Ion Arm open,
And stuck a piece of wood in the Ion Arm. It is now drying, and after that, I'll glue it to the pack it self. I should have done this in the beginning, but then, the impact would have done some more serious damage, rather than just snapping the Ion Arm off. I could have just glued it back on and be done with it, but as I got the opportunity to add more strenght to the join, why not do it..

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