maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

Some work done again...

I finished the trap holders for our belts. I used an old army (Finish army) equipment securing belt strap, as it is VERY sturdy. I figured that this would be the best, as my traps have some weight on them, especially the RGB trap, with 13+ meters of extension cord on it...

I also added the L brackets on the injector tubes on all three traps..

There was a little bit missing from our guns, so, a bit of plywood...

..And dremell, and the front locking blocks were done.

I drilled some holes to the bottom of the gun to gain access to the inside, for the electronics. I should have thought this when I constructed the gunbox, as the six hex-bolts would've been an easier solution by far...

Still, now this is the best I can do with. The holes will be covered by the gun track

I then glued the front mounting blocks on, and drilled a hole for the little hex bolt on the front handle. The blocks were then plastered and are waiting to dry.

The belt gizmoes needed some work too.

Even though I did cut the 'nixies' to the same lenght, they still did not set out even. So, I took some electric tape, and used it to form a straight line.

And after little work on the dremell, all three were much more nicer to the eye..

Also, I cut holes for the cable on my own belt gizmo, and fed the wires through. The wire is fixed in place by one little zip-tie. It is quite strong fix..

The Gizmo really looks like business..

And the holders needed work too. I decided to attach the gizmoes permanently on to the holders vie a single pop rivet.

Though the leather, with a small washer, and through the aluminum base on my gizmoes..

The result is, one guaranteed not to drop belt gizmo on an holder.

Mine on my equipment belt.

My equipment belt in all, with the trap and trap pedal attached.

I used snaps in the gizmo holder to gain access to the gizmo underneath.. Why hide it, after all...

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