tiistai 9. maaliskuuta 2010

PKE Meter work, part 1

More work today..

This is the very first GB prop I started to work on, waayy back.. The PKE meter. There were very little plans for these, although it was known that the original prop was made from an Iona shoe polisher. I managed to find a blueprint with some plans, and made a plaster buck for one side of the shell. I then made a plaster mold of that, and then made two copies with fiberglass. Unfortunately the plaster buck and the plaster mold did not survive more than two pulls, so I got only one PKE meter. Still, it is sufficient for me. I digged out the buck from the previous work, and started to do some damage..

I dremelled the shell in half, and then sanded the surfaces so they matched evenly together.

I then took some leftover plywood, spruce, in this case, and dremelled out three parts fitting inside one of the shells.

I then drilled holes and countersunk some screw holes on to the other half. The spruce plywood is there to act as the medium for the screws to dig in, so the halves will be held together tight.

I then epoxied the plywood in place and set them out to dry. I primed them with gray primer, as it was warm outside too, but took no pictures of it. More to come, tomorrow...

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