keskiviikko 17. maaliskuuta 2010

Leg Hose Connector works

As the tenants meeting was concluded, I could resume working on the Ghostbusters project again. Some time ago, I cut out some discs from MDF for the connectors. I took my lathe, a vacuum machine as well as an old cardboard box, and made a lathing station for me.

I soon found out that the machine is stable enough that is does not need to be viced to the table.

With some time, dust and work, I had this on my lathe. I did use a breathing mask when working on this..

The connectors seem fine for me..

... So I made three of them. They are not exactly identical, but when attached to the uniforms, this cannot be told. I still need to drill the holes for the hose, and the threads on the base. I was thinking the velcro that was on the nomexes on these, and if it is not enough to hold these on, then the thread is used.

I promptly then primered the connectors, and after they have dried, It's time for the top coat..

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