keskiviikko 19. toukokuuta 2010

A little more today

I cut down the lume tubes between the gun and the pack, and screwed them in place with two self drilling screws. The tubes can be removed and reattached with ease, therefore enabling us to repair the tubing, if they are broken..

I then took out the plans, and went on to work on the power cell lens. I had purchased some blue container, which was sanded...


And after smoothing the edges, I placed some tabs on the packs, to prevent the blue acrylic lenses from dropping inside the packs..

The lens is attached, and holds on, by sheer friction. This is convinient, as the lens needs to be un-attached for the lighting later on.

The PKE meter needed some support. I needed to drill holes for few screws.

To keep the plywood pieces in place. They are cut to match the curvature od the PKE shell insides, but the epoxy does not stick as it should. With these screws on, the plywood is going nowhere..

I filed the screws down a bit, so that they would not cut the wiring.

The lower shell needed some ribs..

And the sides needed holes for the wings. I might need to enlarge them, but I'll know this when the wings are complete..

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