tiistai 11. toukokuuta 2010

Ghostbusting again..

Yep, this project moves like a ton of bricks. Slowly, VERY slowly...

The blue tubes were attached to each pack.

It really brings more color and vibrance to the pack.

The Injector Tubes had their tubings too.. As for the loom tubing on these, I could not locate the correct diameter tubing, so I had to take larger one, and cut it to size! I then used black yarn to thinghten the loom tube around the tubing... Very tedious job..

Still, the work was done on each pack..

Looks like business to me..

As for the traps, their bolts are still shining metal.. So, with a bit of plasticine and paint, of to work..

Sorry for the blurry picture. In order to attach the bolts back to their place, I stuck them into plasticine in the order they are on the trap. I then hit them with black paint.

I then went on to work on the Cyclotron lenses. I could not purchase flat sheet of transparent acrylic due to the fact that I was at the shop near closing time.. So, I bought a transparent plastic container for it. I frosted the sides with some sand paper, so that the led lenses would not show through. When lit, the light will still shine through. I then drew the lenses on the sanded surface.

And proceeded to cut them with dremel.

After some filing and sanding, I got few ready to attach lenses..

So, I took out Veka's pack, and un attached the ALICE pack from it.

Without much trouble, the lenses fit in snuggly.. I just love when a plan comes together..

I meant to glue the lenses with epoxy, but I could not spread the glue in due to the fact that the Cyclotron is already attached to the spacer. So, I took out my hotglue gun, and went to work with it. I gather that when the led lights are attached, they can be epoxied on, further strenghtening the join.

But, I need to get these ready for wear, I'll tackle the lighting later on.. As you can see, the lenses look absolutely gorgeous!! The sanding on the other side and the clear side outwards was the ticket!!!

This REALLY looks like a proton pack!!

Yes, I really am pleased with my work on the lenses.

At this time, the paint on the trap bolts were dry enough to screw bark on, so I bolted them back. It really brings the trap a bit more alive.

I then took the packs out again, and painted one final top coat on the back of the packs.

On all three packs. After this, I'll glue the warning label on the top of the backside, and then reattach the ALICE frames, for the final time... I still need to cut the access hatch covers on the packs, but that can wait a bit.. As the access hatch is just behind the kidney strap on the ALICE frame, the packs can be worn even if the openings are not covered. I can attach them later on. And I still need to locate my self drilling screws. I should have some, about 50-100 so I won't buy any more until these are found.

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