sunnuntai 16. toukokuuta 2010

A lil' GB work

Another small update..

I buffed the throwers with 0000 grade steel wool. They look really nice now..

I then attached the Clippards on the throwers..

And painted the assorted knobs on the thrower. The knobs themselves came from the only source, Irraccanian..

Then the time was to attach the loom tube on the guns. As I had used self screwing screws to attach the handles, they would work to attach the tube too..

So, I un-screwed the handles..

And reattached them with the tube inside..

The hold is strong enough for the gun be held aloft by the lume tube itself..

And all throwers came to life..

I put out Nixu's pack, and played with it for a while. It loooooks GOOOD!!!!!!!

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