keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

Bustin again..

Ok, another small update.

After the top coat on the back of the motherboard had dried, I gave it a little buffing with steel wool. This dulled the shine nicely.. You can see the dust from the buffing, I did not wipe the whole board clean. I then glued the spacers on the motherboard, to help screwing the ALICE frame on..

That said, I attached the frames back on, but there seems to be something missing... Can you guess what?

The large warning label is on the back of the pack. I did some researching, and found that the HD screengrabs provided by Ghostguy on the included the information I needed. It is just behind the top bar of the ALICE frame, where the insulation padding is to be..

So, I promptly glued the labels on. It might seem that the label is higher on this photo, but it is, in reality, in the correct place..

As I lied the packs down, there were another label that was absent... Can you guess?

Here it is, attached in place...

The small, white warning label on the N-Filter wins you the cookies.. There is a red diagram beneath this, I know. I have Namebrand's rub on transfers for this, and Will be adding them soon enough..

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