maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

A lil' more...

Well, I decided that this project WILL be finished by this summer...

Nixu's pack is looking good, but there are some areas that need more detail work..

The throwers need the green tubing, and therefore I got a few pop rivets and inserted them to the places where the pneumatic pieced would be. I did not thigthen the rivet so that it would snap the shaft off, but enough that it stays put.

I then cut out a piece of leftover red tubing to act as medium around the pop rivet shaft and the inside of the green tube.

I soon realized that I needed to bend the rivet a bit to allow the tubing to curve correctly..

That done, I allied some glue, and the tubing, and et presto, here they are.. I did insert the gold painted nuts around the pop rivet shafts before the tubing, mind you..

I then took out the various knobs that are present on the gun. Colin (Irriccanian) provided each resin knob with the corresponding attachment bits, and I then drilled a proper sized hole, and lightly hammered the bits in..

And after a while, all adjustment knobs are in place..

After that, I decided to place the rest of the labels on the gun and pack. Namely the Namebrand rub-on transfers..

They are SUPERB! I bothced up on some of them, but they are still good. I can always hide the mistake by applying some weathering..

I decided to place the 1-2-3 decals so that each gun shows different numbers. Mine is set to one, Veka's on two and Nixu's on three... And no, the knob will not turn. It is epoxied in place..

The packs also received the missing markings... I had a little trouble on deciding which of the red decals were on the gun, and which on the pack, as they both are identical, only that the other is slightly smaller than the other.. After thinking, I decided that the smaller is for the gun, and the larger for the N-Filter..

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