maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2009

My toilet door sign..

Me and my ideas... As an avid fan of penguins (who will conquer the earth, just wait and see), I got an idea of personalized door sign..

For starters, I bought inexpensive sign, and the proceeded to decapitate the poor boy.. I then glued the rest of the sign to a plastic card.

Onto which I smeared plastic padding (a two component all purpose cement) in to a rough shape of what it will become.
After it had hardened, I cut out the rough shape of a penguin peeing. I then used normal wall filler to fill the gaps, and started sanding the shape out.

And then I gave it a healthy coat of grey base coat, just to see if there are any imperfections..

Which there were none, and thus I proceeded to give it a silver coat, followed by a coat of matte varnish. The finished piece now adorns my toilet door, much to everyone's enjoyment..

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