tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2009

Proton gun work, day two.

Well, on retrospect, yesterday's rant was a bit unwarranted.. Still, this project has taken up more money, time and everything else than I anticipated. Still, I am going to get it through, even if not the guys wont pull through.. Today's work concentrated on the grips, and some other little boxes on the gun.

I cut out parts for the grips, they are going to be constructed from several pieces, but the overall result will be sturdy, as the major parts that are exposed to wear are birch plywood.

I made these slots for each handle, six in total. These will be in contact with the handle bars. At this point, they are still glued.

As they dried, I went to work on the trigger boxes (or what they are called) luckily I had only to make two of these, as I had made mine months ago.. The box is layered from three layers of MDF, with the middle one being hollowed to allow for the switches and wiring to be added.

When the boxes were drying, I went to work on the top parts of the handles. They are 9mm plywood, with 4mm strips on the top. Here they are, too drying..

And I worked on the rear boxes, but as I went on with these, I remembered seeing a 25x25 square aluminum tube, I will make these out of it, rather than from the MDF here. the aluminum allows for a better grip for the components, and allow additional room for batteries and wiring..

After the tops of the grips were dry, I cut them apart, and glued them to the bottoms..

Which, after drying, looked a bit like this..

The sides were roughly trimmed, and then I proceeded to mark the areas needed to sand out...

Yes, sand.. I went forward on this part of the project with my trusty Dremell, and his sanding drum...

And after a lot of sanding, I had them all roughly cut to this shape..

And with even more sanding, and after I was covered from head to toe in dust (luckily I was wearing a breath mask) I had the grips on somewhat recognizable shape..

I pulled aluminum foil on the handles, to protect them from the next part of the job..

I smeared a healthy dose of wood filler in the bottom of the grips, where they meet the handlebars.. After A while I could remove them, leaving the foil still in there, just to secure any un dried filler.

I then went and sprayed the grips with gray primer, just to see how much work still needs to be done.. Not much, and VERY much, I'd wager... Still, that is a job for tomorrow..

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