maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2009

Proton gun job.

Ok, we have been building our GB gear for two years or more now, and I got fed up on the total lack of progress. I know that real life must prevail, and the guys wanted to build their packs, but come on.. One building day every two to three months!! I can't wait to get this project over. It has, since the beginning, taken up my storage facilities, and free time, even without any progress. I have not been able to get any real work done on my own gear, because I needed to do the work on the same time as the guys, so they would know what to do. Well no more..

This was the start of today's work. Even though I detest the idea of doing all the work, something must be done.. The black tubes are from a lamp someone donated to the trash, which happen to be just the diameter for the handles, they are metal, and there are three of them in perfect lenght..

I had done this four way diagram for the Proton gun, just to see it from every angle in building process. It really, REALLY helped when I had no really good pictures from this piece.

I started to make the Gun Tracks for our guns, I just had the proper thickness plywood, enough fot three tracks, although two needed to be made in parts.. Still, when painted, it will not be noticeable.. For the record, the time that went into doing these was about thirty minutes, drawing and cutting them..

I then traced the openings on the gun body roughly in to the other guns.

Both front and rear..

And then proceeded to dremel the openings to proper size, I was a bit dusty after this...

I inserted a wooden peg into the body for the rear handle, it will help to keep the handle in place, and gives it much needed structural strenght. This was then replicated on the other boxes as well.

The rear handle in place. At this moment, it is still unattached. I am checking the allignment..

The peg is screwed in the gun body, I will hit it with some woodglue as well.

The handles will be attached with self drilling screws, which can be screwed directly through metal. Two screws should be enough.

I then drilled two holes on each rear handle for the wiring. I dremelled the two holes into oval shape, filed and sanded the edged smooth.

Then I screwed them on the gun bodies. The Screw will be hidden by the knob on the top.

Hmm.. There will be very limited space for electronics and tip activation... Still, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it..

I screwed the front handle on, and at this poitn the gun really took shape.

And with no time at all, all three were in the same shape.

The screws do bulk out somewhat on the bottom, but this will be covered by guntracks later on.

At this point, I just had to play wit the gun a while... I could not help myself..

I then reluctantly went to work again. I marked out the paces where I needed to cut grooves for the screws. And then dremelled the guntracks to fit the body.

I then glued the tracks together. I have allready given them a base coat, filler and sanding.

While the tracks were drying, I tested the Clippards. They are nick-a-tron's resin ones, if you wonder.

The tracks dry, were then smeared with more filler, and left to dry.

I then bolted the Clippards on the guns, just to see how they fit.. Looks good.

I then removed the clippards, and took the whole bunch outside with a can of gray spraypaint. Here are the results..

After this dries, I can be sure my guntracks and the gun bodies are ready for black paint..

My own gunbody, although really needs filler, as I had not had sprayed it as of yet... Well, tomorrow, or even tonight.. All in all, nice work, if I might brag, for one evening.... More than in the last two months..

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