keskiviikko 22. huhtikuuta 2009

Proton gun job. Day three, part one.

Well, here we go again... This day was a bit of a disappointment, as I woke up late, MUCH too late for any serious work to be done. And most of the afternoon went without further planning, causing me to rush to places, where I could have gone with leisure, if I had planned more thoroughly my ventures... Still, I got a 25x25mm aluminum pipe for the guns, making the boxes nearly redundant..

Still, they did provide me with some use, as I needed some wood to fill the ends.

I cut and sanded three pieces like the one here..

Inserted them (I actually had to use a hammer here) to the aluminum pipes I already had cut out I also have cut the opening on this part..

And before long, I had three identical pieces. The wooden blocks were so snug and thight, that no glue was needed to hold them in place.

I then marked the side boxes to be drilled open, so as to get the screw through. I'll need to fill this afterwards..

I then screwed the parts together, at the correct angle, with woodglue. The opening is for the electronics..

And as usual, with no time, I had three parts ready..

And I began to attach them to the gun bodies. As usual, the self drilling screws were handy here..

And the guns really are looking like business...

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