keskiviikko 10. joulukuuta 2008

Snack break, part 2

Well, I did get a 'few' additions... Aile Strike Gundam, Freedom Gundam, and two smaller packs without clear names.. One of these is going to a friend, though, as a christmas present.

This kit was a 'skill level 2'. I wonder what this means, I built a 'skill level 3' kit by the time I got these done. The instructions on the previous model were definately better, with each sprue coded with letters A-D, and parts with numbers. On this kit, however, the parts were only numbered.

That means, that I had to rummage through every sprue until I found my parts. It was only after 45 minutes that I got the hands and legs done..

Still, from there it were faster, as the little parts were, on the most part, gone... Only the major body had some little parts, but these were fast to attach.

And so, after little over an hour, this was the result. It goes without saying that good instructions are the major part of the job... The stickers were left out on this one as well, I'll paint and weather it later.

Here are the brothers in arms.. The new mecha really cries for a decent paint job, without it, it seems it is unfinished... Still, these make great wargame figures, cheap (well, relatively, these were 13 and 11 euros), require no glue and can do without any paintjob. I'll have to stick a metal L screw on the body of these, to provide attachment point for the flight stands. Still, that is a work for tomorrow, or some other day..

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