tiistai 20. huhtikuuta 2010

Bumpers and stickers..

This project seems to be moving forward ever so slowly... Ergo, some work needs to be done..

I attached the bumpers finally. They were painted last saturday with black top coat. It had not fully dried yet, but it does not matter, I smoothed and dulled the shine with some fine steel woll, and screwed them in..

It really brings the pack alive a little more..

On all three packs..

I used and old corona board chip as a spacer between the bumper and the cyclotron. The Ion knob was bolted on with washer and a nut on the inside.

The Booster frame cried to be attached..

It still needs some brass washers. I did score a few, but I could not locate them at the moment. So, I took some steel ones, and painted one set with black paint followed with gold, and the other straight to gold. I need to see how the paint reacts on the black & gold ones, as the paints are not the same brand. It might not dry properly... After these dry, I'll attach the frames..

And what would a bumper be without a bumper sticker..?

It really is looking good...

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