sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

Computer table.. part two

I got the table finished.. Well to some point at the least. I still need to rewire the electrics and usb hubs to the table, but it is, at least now placed..

I stained the top surface on the printer table

As well as the top of the work table.

And after they had dried, I wiped them clean, and proceeded to stain the lower parts..

As you can imagine it, the keyboard shelf was a bit tricky to stain...

I then took out the former computer shelfs. Sorry for the blurry image, my pocket camera's viev screen is at sometimes blank, so I cannot verify the photographs before I download them to the computer..

As I ripped the previous shelves out, the paint chipped of somewhat... This will not be any problem, as the tear is hidden behind the new table..

As you can see, the new table is looking VERY good..

I took the moment to attach the other hard drives to my computer that were not in place. There is now well over one terabyte of disk space..

With the printer in place, the table looks splendid. I still need to clear the cables on the floor, but this is where I am with this at the moment

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