keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2008

Ecto Goggles 4

The inside view. As I said, the mask that I used did not fit perfectly when it was complete, it poses no problems at this stage. There are so little left of the original mask, that what is left actually conforms to my face, leaving room for padding. I am at the moment pondering on putting lights and more detail on the insides.. Lucky for me that I am in no hurry with this..

Here you can see the bottom view, just as I've sealed the nails in place with PVA and superglue. In the first photos of the mask, which are more recent than this, the gaps are already sealed with filler, and sanded, many, many many times.. I'll try to post more tomorrow, I have to get some rest, for it has been a long day...

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