maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2008

Alt eisen Terror Ausf T

I found these photos some time ago, and as I am fond of Dream Pod 9 products, I thought that this would make cool troop transport for Gear Krieg games. I searched ebay for appropriate scale at-at, which I found to be a Action Fleet At-At. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the box, or from the At itself, before I repainted it. As I haven't done any blogs, I have not taken many work in progress shots.
Ill take some pictures tomorrow... Note that this model is not quite finished yet... As with so many other projects that I've started..

As you can see, I used the side hatch, and filled the insides with various 1/72 German soldiers. I intend to make railings on the ramp, and commander on the open turret, as well as a cable that the soldiers use to disembark. It has a small magnetic slab that I can use to hold the commander in place, and take him easily out if the turret us unmanned. You will, of course, notice that the AT-AT model is way too small to match the 1/72 scale, about a good one third of what it should be. Where I scaled it, was from the first two black and white shots. As I get my other 1/72 models ready, I will take some photo with the same placement of models.
I am quite pleased with the results of the weathering on this model, hope the pictures I took can show them. Unfortunately, as always, I forgot what paints I used on this, and cannot replicate the same results.. I get this a lot, frustrating as heck..

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