keskiviikko 13. tammikuuta 2010

Uniform works..

I finally received our custom name tags as well as the no-ghost logo patches from Katarra8. They were spot on, thank you for the great work Kathy!

We all decided to get custom name tags, as none of us looked like the original guys, and we would be kind of new generation of Ghostbusters...

Three sets, for three busters... After checking the setup from, I set out to sew them on. We already had got our flight suits, so there was no delay anymore, and I decided to put up the work immediately.

I noticed that the velcro patches on the flight suits were in the correct place, simplifying the process greatly.

Even so, I checked that the name tags fitted.. Mine does overlap the left breast pocket zipper, as did Zeddemore on the moves..

I then drew two lines on the outer lines of the velcro to mark the place for the nametag.

It helps to locate the place after you have ripped out the velcro.. The velcroes might come in handy for the hose connector, I think..

Without much time and effort, all three nametags were in place. I used a sewing machine for this, if you wonder..

I then set out to sew the No-Ghost logo on the arms. This is a bit trickier than on the square nametags. Fortunately, I had the correct shade of red to sew all three on. After sewing the red parts on, I sewed the black lines on the fingers and the head of the ghost. A VERY tedious job...

But, after some time, all three flightsuits have both patches in place... Just waiting for the elbow pads and leg hose...

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