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Hero Clix Galactus

Hmm, this is something done way some years ago..
It all began with the introduction of Hero Clix system by Wizzkids. It soon found parodies in John Kovalic's Dork Tower, with the notable one being when the characters played Marvel Hero Clix. One of them was playing Galactus, the devourer of worlds. As it were, there was no figure for the character, let alone rules. This did not prevent John from making a joke with the character. Check it if you do not know about it. At the same time, a discussion was made of how absurd the introduction of such a character into a Clix games was. It was older character than the universe... It would need a Clix disk the size of a cd.. It was like; my turn I eat your planet. The end... Still, this did stir something in me, and I set out to make it happen. I would make a Galactus figure to the Hero Clix world. Little did I know that a little over a year later Wizzkids would indeed release the devourer of the world as a convention special... My building enthusiasm somewhat ended there. Luckily I got this far..

As said, I began my work a year before the release of the official figure. I did a LOT of research for this character, both Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's original first appearance, as from The Official Handbook of Marvel Universe entry for the character and just about every comic book released on the character. I did not know how many of them there were, until this time. Galactus has even faced Wolverine one on one... The handbook stated the average size of the character, and this, when compared with other characters was the measurement I set out to. I searched for a some doll on which to build the character onto. A proper doll was an Action man I cannot recall what one it was. I glued all joints except the neck into a fixed, somewhat neutral position, just as he was when he first came to earth. I did toy with the idea that I would make the arms move, but soon abandoned this. The only movable joint would be the neck. I began to pour milliput onto the action man, trying to honor both John Byrne's version as well as Jack Kirby's, gradually building the character.. It took some time, but I got to the phase where I could start the painting.
It was at this time that the official version was released, making this work somewhat redundant. I did not want to simply let it go, and resolved to paint this thing, at the very least. It now is at the state that it will probably be from now on, until I get the inspiration to finish it. Still, this is in playable condition. It has a cd for the star dial on the base, and the stats are those on the official version. I did have to make one of the phases on the other side of the cd and the other two on the other. This Galactus stands a head shorter from the official version, but if you remember, Galactus changes his size depending on his hunger. At one point, when Reed Richards saved him, he would be less than half of this. Well, long story short, here he is, with some other characters next to him. He has as of yet not seen any action, but I do intend to hold a Secret Wars Clix game for my fellow gamers at some time. Then he will be in use, if not much, but a pivotal character still.
Although I am a bit sad that Wizzkids released their official version of the character, I still am glad that I did this.

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