keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2008

Ghost Traps 3

Here is a closeup on the third trap. This will be made into a RGP stylish, I haven't found many photo's that would give definitive description of this trap. The toy, plans, and the cartoon versions differ from each other. So, I am making somewhat mixed version.

This is my spray booth, or rather WAS. It used to be a grill shelter, on top of which some kids pulled green tarps over. It was dismantled few weeks ago, making my spray painting a tad difficult..

But, I still got to paint something before the shelter was destroyed. Here are all three traps, primered on black and grey.

Here is the newest addition to my trap family, the RGB trap The handle and the door are still unpainted in this photo.

And here are the trap doors open. As I said about my studies, I planned to make this third trap into a extension cord with four electrical outlets under the doors. The electricity can be cut of from a switch under the handle (the black thing) . There is over thirteen meters of cable on this thing, more than was on the movie traps, but I thought that in use, this is an advantage. Still, we are dealing with heavy voltages, I would not suggest this for anyone who does not know what they are doing. This trap is safe. Well, as safe as any grounded extension cords can be..

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