keskiviikko 24. syyskuuta 2008

Ghost Traps

Ok, so long time, no posts. Not that I Haven't gotten anything done, just posting my progress is major pain.. Nevertheless, I have began building Ghost Traps using Stephan's plans over the I must have taken more photos as I've worked, but this is all I could find. It is just prior to first base coat.

They are made from 6mm plywood, ensuring hard and durable finish. Both have detachable cassettes, which do not, alas, mix (I cut the pieces, glued them, and then tried them on... I had to sand much, VERY much out in order to make them fit). I have skateboard bearings fitted on aluminium pipe for the wheels, and something 'extra' planned for the traps. I found out that the one pint beer can fits quite nicely inside the cassette, so these do have some use outside the ghost trapping field.. I'll try to locate my other photos, and post them too, or take more as the paint dries.

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