maanantai 11. elokuuta 2008

My Log bed

Hmm, several weeks without blogs. I guess I'm not a blogger type. There has been some drastic instances on this summer, which have put my priorities in question. Still, I got some work done, finished my bed, which has been in the thought-part for few years.

I decided, after several versions, to follow the traditional Finnish log housing techniques, and bought several feet of 4x4" and 5x5" logs, which I cut, smoothed and stained to dark oak finish. I must say that I admire the work done by carpenters more after doing this... Hard job, I can tell you, ESPECIALLY if you are using wrong type of tools, as I did, on purpose... Here are the lower frame, without the end pieces.

The end pieces are fitted in place, and they fit as they should. I had some difficulty in putting this together, as I did not mark the pieces when I dis assembled it in my work place. After I got the pieces to home, I had to figure out which part was supposed to go where. That should not be difficult, even when I did make every hole in identical spots, but as I did cut and drill everything by freehand, each cut and hole was quite unique...

Still, in the end, the results are quite self-explanatory. As the saying goes, I can now sleep like a log. Curiously, that saying has an exact translation to Finnish saying 'nukkua kuin tukki' I can only wonder that lumberjacks everywhere think alike.. And snore alike...

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